Monday, May 18, 2020

Current/Potential Future Projects

currently: I know I said december but I did not account for how claritas makes my brain hurt. sometime in the next week.

Hariyama-san, Center of the World

Volume 2
In progress
Urban Legend 2 ~Taxi Elegy~ (Posted 3/8)
Interlude 1: Imposter (Posted 3/13)
The Tragedy of Number 37564 (Posted 11/1)

Fire Emblem Awakening

Overture of Bonds (short story included with OST release) (Posted 1/3)

Potential Future Projects

These are things I currently have in my possession and would be willing to at least partially translate.  Things that are underlined are those that would not take that much persuasion for me to pick up.  Note that this list does not include anything that I know for sure has full translations or patches available online, though I haven't searched for everything here.  I also refuse to pick up a translation that someone else is already working on, unless it's stalled or there are other major issues.

To be updated as my collection of games and books grows.

Gakuen Hetalia DS
Tales of the Tempest
Tales of the World: Reve Unitia
Tennis no Oujisama: Gyutto! Doki Doki Survival
Tennis no Oujisama: Go to the Top!

Digimon Adventure
Digimon World Re:Digitize
Gensou Suikoden: Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki
La Corda d'Oro
La Corda d'Oro 2f
La Corda d'Oro 2f Encore
La Corda d'Oro 3
Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Portable
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner
Tales of Destiny 2
Tales of Phantasia Narakiri Dungeon X
Tales of Rebirth
Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2
Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3

PS Vita:
Tales of Innocence R
Durarara!! 3way Standoff Alley Vita

Misc. games:
Touken Ranbu
Tales of Asteria (specifically, character subquests)
Tales of the Rays
Tales of Link Global release is out but I don't play so idk if they're bringing over all the old quests \o/

Ono Fuyumi: Twelve Kingdoms (all volumes)

Fire Emblem Awakening Model Sheets: Knights of Iris
Hatoful Boyfriend second edition fanbook
Hatoful Boyfriend manga (volume 1)
Prince of Tennis perfect edition (all volumes; concept notes have yet to be translated)
Prince of Tennis PairPuri fanbooks (all volumes)


  1. Can I just ask which topic among these is your first priority? Is PoT very far down the line?
    *not a PoT fangirl*
    Just asking. No bias. Definitely. Yeah...

    1. If I had to say, Hatoful chapter is first priority, since I try to get that out within a few hours after it's released. Then again, that's only once a month, soooo... :P

      As for "priority", it's really just what I feel like translating at the time. Persona x Detective is easily the most time-consuming (3/4 pages a night if I'm feeling productive). GakuPuri is a lot easier, but I also have two more routes done that I just haven't coded, so I'll probably focus on Naoto for a while. And then there's the Narita series I'm seriously considering picking up...

      tl;dr depends on mood, mostly whether I feel like something easier or something a bit more serious. I'll start translating stuff again in August.

    2. So how much convincing would it take to drag PoT up a few spaces?
      *...not a PoT fangirl*
      Aha, sorry for the persistence. I just don't know any of the other projects that you are currently translating.
      Well I know Persona (yet I've only played P3 despite the raving reviews about P4).

    3. I mean, if it's something I'm currently translating, that's really just subject to my mood. Right now I'm in a light novel mood and want to get a bit more done on Naoto, plus I do still have two more routes to finish coding for GakuPuri. If there's anything you'd like in particular, mention it?

    4. I'd like to see Shishido's or Ibu's route :)
      Well heaps of people have already made requests so you probably won't get to mine in a while. It's not like I'm not interested in their ones as well.

    5. Shishido's it is, then. /o/ Added to the list. We'll see! I feel obliged to work on Persona x Detective for a bit, but I might ragequit that soon and get back to GakuPuri, haha.

    6. Really? Thanks so much. Yay, Shishido's added to the list :)
      I'm sure he's one of those characters who act like they are not interested or are too cold in the anime/manga but become such sweeties in the game ^_^

      Oh, I'm sure lots of people out there read your persona translation. Maybe a hiatus if it's that frustrating?

    7. He's a tsundere! I like tsundere characters. I have a soft spot for Shishido, actually. |D;

      Eh, the novel is frustrating in general because of the narrator's speech style (and the fact that the scene I just finished makes me want to throw the book against the wall). But this is the longest chapter in the novel and I've been working on it forever, so I do feel obliged to try and finish it soon. ...relatively. Relatively soon.

    8. Everyone loves tsunderes <3
      I wonder who else is like that in PoT. Kaidoh, maybe?

      Ahaha well don't give up and do your best :)

    9. Thanks for the Chapter.reading is over! Have wait again!!HomeSword is like!Reader who are interested can take a look!

  2. Are you planning on doing any other games or just TeniPuri ones?
    (Not that I'm complaining. I love TeniPuri <3)

    1. Um! I was actually bouncing around the idea of listing all the games and books in Japanese I have lying around. I won't be doing full translations of, say, any of the Tales games (RPGs and sidequests would be painful), but I'd be more than willing to do routes/snippets of other otome or heavily visual novel-esque games. I don't know if there are any La Corda translations floating around, but I love the game to bits, especially 3.

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  3. Have you ever considered using your skills in order to help or collaborate with other translators/groups? For game patches, manga translations etc?
    (Of course, only if there is a mutual interest in the product)

    I was just wondering :)

    1. I'm fine with them using my translations, but I'd prefer being contacted about it before that. I've briefly considered working with a group on a couple short spin-off projects but never actually went through with it...

      Generally I prefer to work alone, in part since I'm somewhat neurotic about edits and unnecessary changes to the translation that don't really add anything significant. Odd, since I'm not super-good at Japanese to begin with.

    2. Oh, I just thought it'd be kind of difficult working all by yourself.
      Ahaha fair enough. Does that mean you're somewhat of a perfectionist? ^_^
      Well you sure fooled me. I was under the impression that you were very fluent, as if you were Japanese but born overseas.

    3. Well, for things like novels and games especially, I think it's easier just with one person. I'd worry about voice and phrasing consistency, plus if you split up the plot and skip some parts, you might not understand and miss some references later on. It's probably easier with just one main translator.

      ...that and I am also obsessive about English grammar and mechanics and punctuation. I might get twitchy about errors. ^^;;

      N-no, not really. I often make sneaky edits to existing translations when I realize there's an error somewhere. :'D Also, Google is very helpful for figuring out idioms I've never heard before.

  4. Wow. You sure are working on a lot of projects (don't get me started on the potential ones lol)
    Wouldn't it be easier to cut back a little?

    Love your work and effort though :)

    1. It's actually only four, and I don't really count the HB chapters; I do them immediately when they come out once a month, which only takes about two-three hours. Hariyama-san I only picked up recently because I have a ridiculous love for Narita. It's also an easier novel and more convenient for me than Persona x Detective, which can get pretty formal and technical. (Also, Narita uses a lot of single-line paragraphs, which means I get through them that much faster.)

      But yeah, Persona is by far my hardest project. I think GakuPuri is the easiest, both because of general vocabulary and because it's voiced, so I can go by sound instead of drawing any kanji I don't know. Each route does still take a little while to go through.

  5. Thank you so much for translating Hariyama-san.

  6. Thank you very much for your efforts! I am really looking forward to the last chapter of Persona x Detective Naoto.

  7. I would absolutely worship you if you did any of the la corda games

    1. does that include 3? 3 is my favorite ahahaha ;; granted, I haven't even started 2f and encore...

      let me know if there's anyone you'd like to see in particular? I prefer translating routes I haven't beaten (and I guess I've finished about half the characters in 3....), so if you have a list I can pick from, that's fine.

  8. Hello! Just wanted to say thank you for all the translations you've done! I know it must be time-consuming but it sounds like you have fun doing it which is always a good thing!

    If I may put in a request? Would you be able to translate Mizuki or Ootori for PoT? I find your translations to be very organized compared to the ones I found elsewhere! You're doing an awesome job and I wish I could give you a real life hug but I guess a cyber one will have to do for now! ^__^ I wish you good luck on your many projects, current and upcoming!

    1. uuu. You're the second person that's requested Mizuki... but tbh, he's not really a favorite of mine and I haven't done any SeiRu translations. Starting a new school is a ton of effort, as I'm being reminded now that I've (lazily) started Saeki. :'D I might just do Ootori and take the opportunity to finish up Hyoutei and Rikkai? I'll try to keep Mizuki in mind for later when I have a bit less of a backlog, though!

  9. Hello. Is just like to say I appreciate your translation work, but I was wondering if you also plan to do Volume 3 of the FE:A drama cd? Or is there a translation of it already elsewhere?

    1. Amielleon has already done them over here on Tumblr~

    2. Awesome. Thank you for the link? :)

  10. Sorry for bothering you. Can you do ootori and other rikkai member? Sorry for my english

    1. Ootori is next after Yagyuu and Niou, I think. o/ It might take a while, though. Sorry!

    2. No problem. I'll wait. Sorry for taking your time

  11. You have an interest in Durarara, right?

    Because, volumes 11 and 12 have no translator, at all. Baka-tsuki lists both volumes as 'Translator needed'. Group/person 'Mizaya' seems to work on it, but releases are at glacial speed. AFAIK not even a single full chapter was done. Also, Baka-tsuki no longer links to the site.

    Volume 02 is about half done. Differentclouds was working on it, but the last update/release was almost exactly a year ago.

    Volume 03 and SH v01 have a translator, even though he's currently on a 2 month break. Everything else has been translated.

    It probably wouldn't only be me who would be much obliged to you, if you could fill in the gaps of the awesome story that is Durarara.
    (2nd anime starts soon!)

    1. Yeah, I knew there were some snippets/volumes started. I've been considering picking up volume two and going in order of those that aren't done. I'd prefer not to step on any toes, but it really has been quite a while without any word from the translators, so hopefully they wouldn't mind.

      I might pick it up after I finish this volume of Hariyama-san? I won't get started on the last story in the novel for another couple weeks, though, since I want to finish up a couple other projects first.

  12. Would you happen to know anyone that has done any work on Narita's two Bleach novels? Almighty Google has failed me in this task repeatedly.

  13. Man, what the fuck happened with you? You died?
    I really love the works you are translating, please, don't do it with me.
    Pleasee, man.

    1. Just sort of busy at the moment! and there was one project that was supposed to be out by now that hasn't shown up yet. |D; have considered making an update post, but the short of it is that I'm mostly focusing on a large non-translation project to be finished by end of January.

      ...the other thing is that I'm currently working on the next chapter of Hariyama-san, and while I've made a decent amount of progress, it's also super long and so won't actually be done for a while. sorry about that!

    2. Ok. Thanks for the answer!

  14. Thanks for continuing your work on Hariyama-san.

  15. Thanks for all your work dude. You're amazing.

  16. Thanks for all your work dude. You're amazing.